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Our Team

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Amrit  Bhachu
Amrit Bhachu
Head Chef ¦ Lead Facilitator for Blue Marble Training
Caragh  Stewart
Caragh Stewart
Organisational Development Manager
Carol Robinson
Carol Robinson
Health Coach
Edouard  Guidon
Edouard Guidon
Director of Health and Wellbeing Delivery ¦ Organisational Safeguarding Lead
Fatima  Aihoud
Fatima Aihoud
Organisational Support Manager
Femi Ade-Davis
Femi Ade-Davis
Blue Marble Training Project Manager
Hilary  Clayton
Hilary Clayton
Director of Enterprise and Asset Development
Jacqui  Henry
Jacqui Henry
Director of Health and Wellbeing Strategy
Jacqui  Roberts
Jacqui Roberts
CEO ¦ Organisational Safeguarding Lead
Jaimie  Persson
Jaimie Persson
Director of Organisational Wellbeing ¦ Maternity Peer Education Manager
Jane  Lavelle
Jane Lavelle
Maternity Peer Education Manager ¦ Organisational Safeguarding Lead
Jo  Evans
Jo Evans
Health Coach
Jo Williams
Jo Williams
Health Coach
Katie  Edmondson
Katie Edmondson
Food for Life Project Manager
Lorna  Lewis
Lorna Lewis
Maternity Peer Mentoring Officer
Louise Tyler
Louise Tyler
Wellbeing Practitioner
Lucca Sokhi
Lucca Sokhi
Senior Chef de Partie Trainer
Olivia  Woodward
Olivia Woodward
Food for Life Project Coordinator
Phoebe  White
Phoebe White
Peace of Mind Coordinator
Shell Tran
Shell Tran
Venue and Events Coordinator
Stephanie  Monteilh
Stephanie Monteilh
Peace of Mind Project Manager
Teresa  Buckland
Teresa Buckland
Health Coach Coordinator
Vincent Chau
Vincent Chau
Finance Officer
Yasmin  Glover
Yasmin Glover
Communications and Strategic Engagement Manager