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Macquarie supports Shoreditch Trust

Macquarie Capital partners with local charity Shoreditch Trust to support community-driven initiatives.

24 November 2016

LONDON, 24/11/2016: Macquarie Capital has partnered with Shoreditch Trust, a community-driven charity based in East London, to provide mentoring, volunteering and financial support to its programmes.

Shoreditch Trust operates in and around the Hackney area, working with residents to support them to improve their health, wellbeing, social engagement and employment opportunities. Many of its users face complex challenges when accessing services and are supported by the Trust to take positive action in their lives.

The Macquarie Group Foundation, under which Macquarie’s community support programmes operate, has provided support to the charity through donations, volunteering and providing pro bono expertise. Funds raised most recently by Macquarie Capital staff will support three of the Trust’s flagship programmes – Blue Marble Training, Bump Buddies and Food for Life.

Blue Marble Training provides training opportunities for 16-25 year olds facing challenging circumstances, supporting their transition into independent living and paid employment. Young people on the programme train as chefs in Shoreditch Trust’s social enterprise restaurant, Waterhouse, gaining real-life experience in a busy working environment.

The Bump Buddies programme brings local women together to support one another through times of change. Bump Buddies trains local volunteers to become mentors to pregnant women, working with maternity, public health and social services to complete the circle of care available to women with additional support needs.

Shoreditch Trust’s CEO, Jacqui Roberts, is delighted by the positive and proactive partnership that has resulted from Macquarie’s active involvement in the Trust’s work. She said: “This donation is a significant investment in and endorsement of the work we do across our programmes. Macquarie Capital has not only generously raised a substantial amount of money, matched by the Macquarie Foundation, but have also volunteered their time and expertise to support our programmes.”

“Our London office is located right on the doorstep of Hackney and so many of our staff live in the area too. We are delighted to see the positive impact our volunteering and fundraising activities have had in the local community and hope the efforts of our staff help ensure the Trust’s vital work continues.” Dan Wong, Head of Macquarie Capital, Europe.

Katie Edmondson, Project Manager for Food for Life, which supports people to improve their physical and mental health by building a better relationship with food, said: “This generous donation will help us to continue to run cookery sessions in the community where participants prepare, cook and eat a healthy meal together. Gaining skills and confidence in the kitchen, in addition to knowledge around sourcing local, seasonal ingredients at affordable prices, encourages people to eat more nutritious meals and avoid processed foods, positively impacting their health.”

About the Macquarie Group Foundation
The Macquarie Group Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Macquarie Group. It helps to strengthen the communities in which Macquarie staff live and work by facilitating staff volunteering and pro bono programs with community organisations around the world. Macquarie employees and the Macquarie Group Foundation have also given generously, resulting in more than £140 million donated to over 2,500 organisations globally over the past 30 years.

About Shoreditch Trust
Shoreditch Trust is a people-focused charity that offers specialised support to people in difficult circumstances to support them to improve their health, wellbeing, social networks and opportunities, and facilitates individual and community development through a wide range of programmes and services. 
Units 1-2 Waterhouse, 8 Orsman Road, London N1 5QJ. Tel. 020 7033 8500.

Waterhouse Restaurant is a Shoreditch Trust social enterprise, set up to host culinary training scheme, Blue Marble Training. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch 9am-3pm Monday to Friday, is available for private hire on evenings and weekends, and provides an external catering service.
10 Orsman Road, London N1 5QJ. Tel. 020 7033 0123.

Media contact:
Shoreditch Trust: Yasmin Glover,, 020 7033 8533.