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Read about our clients' journeys below.

“As part of the programme, I kept a food diary which made me realise what kinds of food I was eating and why - this was the moment I decided to make a change to my health.
The mains goals were to get healthier and fitter. I also wanted to increase my water intake and lose weight. I'm delighted that I have achieved all my goals within the 3 month mark.
Planning healthy meals ahead of time was key to my success. I also found that researching healthy foods as an alternative to my usual takeaways has made a huge difference to my diet and that of my family. It was brilliant as my partner got on board - making healthy meals is now a team effort and has become part of our daily routine.
What I liked best about this programme was that I was able to reflect on my diet and became more aware of the food choices I was making.”

*Name has been changed.

“A massive thank you for the encouragement to be and do better. So far you have shown me that slow progress is better than no progress at all. Your patience during this journey has been magnificent. Without you, I'd more than likely be stuck in that negative frame of mind; wishing and hoping but doing nothing to achieve targets and goals. Although the numbers may not show on the scales to begin with, the mindset is healthier than it's ever been. I'm excited to continue achieving goals over the next 6 sessions with you. The SKY is the absolute limit!!!“

*Name has been changed.

I was not sure what to expect on my first encounter, but I was pleasantly surprised. Jo is very professional and down to earth with it. She has a great sense of humour and wonderful vibe about her. She does not make you feel small or belittled in any way because of previous food habits or the way you feel about yourself, but gently encourages you to try more healthier options. She gives me relevant information to help me understand what I should look out for when choosing foods, which in turn enables me to make healthier choices.

"Jo encouraged me to try Pilates, which is held at the community centre, this is something I never considered before, as I thought it was not for me! I was very wrong and enjoy it a lot. Jo, also encouraged me to attend the Bags of Taste short course which, to my surprise, was incredibly rewarding. I cooked foods that I had never heard of before and used seasonings that I had never tried and I also met some lovely people. The main purpose of the course was to show us how to cook wholesome foods at low prices, to understand about good foods and bad and also to alert us to what goes into certain foods. I have been asked by the team at Bags of Taste to become a volunteer and I have readily agreed.

Meeting Jo has been inspirational. She is the right person for such a role and I know that if I had not made the initial step to arrange an appointment, I would not have known now what I know about myself, food and how enjoyable it is to cook from scratch in a minimal about of time.

I very much look forward to my weekly meetings with Jo as she is what I need in my life to help me do things better. The service that Jo is providing is necessary and beneficial to, I'm sure, many people."

*Name has been changed.