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Bump Buddies

Bump Buddies brings Hackney women together to support one another through times of change.

Bump Buddies film - short

We harness the compassion, strength and energy of individuals to ensure that we are all able to reach our full potential.

Bump Buddies connects diverse groups of women in Hackney so they are able to share their skills, knowledge and experiences, and learn from one another.

There are a number of areas of the programme, allowing us to achieve our goal of providing support to women who need it:

Bump Buddies Mentoring – We facilitate a 1:1 peer mentoring scheme for women who require additional support during pregnancy and early parenthood

Bump Buddies Information – We have access to a wide range of specialist information, and can point you in the right direction if you are seeking more knowledge about local and national services

Bump Buddies Influence – We enable women to use their lived experience to influence policy and commissioning, through steering groups, focus groups, and presence on boards and committees

Join Our Bump Buddies Community – We have many opportunities for those looking to get involved with, or support the programme!

Like the film? You can support this programme by donating here.

Bump Buddies is partly funded by Macquarie.


Meet the team
Jane  Lavelle
Jane Lavelle
Maternity Peer Education Manager ¦ Organisational Safeguarding Lead
Shahanaz Begum
Shahanaz Begum
Bump Buddies Community Coordinator
Join Our Community

Volunteer with us:
You can donate your time, skills and knowledge to provide mentoring; administrative support; events support; and contributions to our service development through participation in steering groups. Volunteering opportunities can be seen on our Jobs page.
If you have practical skills or knowledge that might help us in our programme’s aims we would love to hear from you.

Become a mentor:
If you would like to become a mentor, complete our on-line application form here

Partner with us:
Our service-users are best supported when we work together to meet their needs. We can create partnerships that allow clients to easily access the services they need via two-way referral pathways.

Tell others about us:
Spread the word on the great work that is being done, and let people know how they can become a part of it, either to receive support or to help us to provide the service.

Bump Buddies is supported by funders such as Macquarie and Hackney Public Health, but also depends on donations, which can remain anonymous. If you would like to help us to continue to provide this free service to the women of Hackney, please donate what you can. You can donate to Bump Buddies via our Donate page.

To discuss joining the Bump Buddies community with a member of the team, please contact Jane Lavelle:
07443 670 634/020 7033 8524

or Shahanaz Begum:
07548 597 815/020 7033 8507

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